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Compai Pharma was founded in Singapore in 2017.  The company objective is to improve the quality of life of patients by providing access to essential products and devices. This is achieved by establishing strategic partnerships and delivering excellent service. The team prides itself in having a medically focused team-approach. Our experience in medical, marketing and sales makes Compai Pharma a highly attractive partner in the healthcare industry in Asia.

Compai is a Spanish word meaning ‘friend’. This characterises our young, dynamic and passionate team that brings first-class service to patients and our healthcare partners.

Compai Pharma registered its subsidiary in Malaysia in December 2017 and engaged a growing team of medical and pharmaceutical experts.


To partner & develop products that improve the lives of patients


With a medically focused team approach, provide essential products for patients, deliver outstanding services for our partners and achieve targets for our shareholders.


We believe that our people are our greatest asset. The team of highly qualified individuals are passionate about going the extra mile – every single day.

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Click the link below to download the press release

Compai Pharma launches MonoFer in Malaysia

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